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Heart NecklaceFlowers Symbolize True Love And Respect – Gold | 18”


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A Symbol of Sentiments, Yours to Embrace: The  Necklace holds the essence of true love and respect. When you choose this necklace, it signifies your personal promise to forever remember and keep your loved ones close to your heart. Much like the  enduring beauty, this necklace embodies the unspoken devotion and faithfulness that words cannot fully express. It’s a meaningful token for you to embrace and carry your sentiments discreetly, letting the gesture spe
Thanks to its handmade nature, each flower boasts its own distinctive shape, further emphasizing its one-of-a-kind essence. Meticulously fashioned, our  Necklace is an embodiment of unparalleled design.
Material: encapsulated in resin, each pendant frame meticulously handcrafted with 14K gold-plated brass, ensuring not only enduring strength but also an unparalleled, distinctive charm.
Pendant Height: 2.2 cm (0.87‘’); Pendant Width: 2.2 cm (0.87‘’); Chain Length: 45.7 cm (18‘’) — sits elegantly on the collarbone, making it an ideal choice for everyday wear.
Easy Maintenance and Storage: After wearing, simply clean your necklace with a soft cloth or cotton ball to remove any dust or dirt. To ensure its longevity, store the necklace in a soft cloth or jewelry box when not in use. Our dedicated customer service team is also here to assist you with any questions or concerns.

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